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Radiodetection Pipe and Cable Locators

Brochures (PDF)

Cable Avoidance Tool (C.A.T)


RD7100 Precision Locator

RD8100 Precision Locator

Pushrod Inspection System

Ground Penetrating Radar

Metallic Cover Locator & Magnetic Locator

Radiodetection NZ Price List

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CAT4 & Genny4, Sondes, RD7100 & RD8100 Precision Locators, Pearpoint P340 Flexiprobe Pushrod Onspection System, RD1100 & RD1500 Ground Penetrating Radar, RD312 Metallic Cover Locator, Schonstedt Magnetic Metal Locators.


Pipe & Cable Locating Manual (PDF)

ABC & XYZ of Locating Buried Pipes and Cables for the Beginner and the Specialist

A very useful manual produced by Radiodetection covering a range of locating and tracing techniques.